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Spitfire is a stand-up comedy showcase held the last Thursday of every month at the legendary iO Theater. It’s an intimate, interactive show that's all about hilarity. Fun. Community. Inclusiveness. And hot sauce. Tasty, tasty hot sauce.

Every show, 6 comics get 6 minutes each to perform their sets. They can buy up to 4 additional minutes by taking a shot of hot sauces that range from a “basically salsa” 1 minute sauce to an “I immediately regret this decision” 4 minute sauce. Our comics are so dedicated to their craft, doing a regular showcase wasn’t enough for them. So now for you, the audience, they challenge themselves to answer the age-old question: Can I remember my set when my tongue is on fire?





Cameron Gillette

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CAMERON GILLETTE is somehow both a cerebral and physical comedian; he performs stand-up with perfect harmony of his mind and body, both of which are otherwise useless. Within the Chicago comedy scene, he is your favorite comedian’s favorite comedian (assuming your favorite comedian has decent taste, which is also assuming you have decent taste.) Cameron’s unique comedic voice is also represented in web series, One’s Company, which is a sitcom about him talking to himself in his apartment. It is a truly original marriage of music and comedy that must be seen to be understood. He was featured as a “Comic to Watch” at the 2017 RIOT Comedy Festival in LA and has performed at Laugh Factory in Chicago and the Knitting Factory in New York. He also regularly gives unforgettable performances at the Comedians You Should Know shows in Chicago, New York and LA.

Gena Gephart

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GENA GEPHART lives in Chicago, IL where she pursues writing, stand up, and sketch comedy. Gena’s sharp brand of comedy reflects her dry, feminist perspective and has been called “awkward in a good way” by several drunk bachelorettes. She has opened for comics like Michael Che, Jen Kirkman, and Natasha Leggero, and has performed at the Limestone Comedy Festival. Gena produces a monthly all-lady storytelling show in Logan Square called Ladylike as well as hosting the weekly Ladylike Podcast. She contributes to Reductress and Thought Catalog and is a cast member at the Lincoln Lodge.

Luis Arevalo

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LUIS AREVALO is a Chicago-based comedian with a stutter. Luis focuses on being emotionally correct rather than politically correct.

Sandy Lee

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SANDY LEE is a Chicago comedian with a valley girl sound. She was a finalist at the One Liner Madness at the Hideout, performed at Chicago Underground Comedy, the Laugh Factory. and most recently at the Asian Comedy Festival in NYC. She explores her Asian American identity and the universe with an insatiable curiosity. When she isn’t practicing kung fu or teaching others about time travel, you can catch her performing or doing taxes aka reporting your ass to the IRS.

Willie Griswold

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WILLIE GRISWOLD is an Indianapolis comedian who lives in Chicago. He loves comedy, chicken wings and the Indianapolis Colts.

Mystery Date

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Michael Martin
Head Producer

Booking Manager

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Michael Martin is a long-time Twitter joke writer who has written tens of thousands of jokes - 5 of them good!  Michael was the 2015 winner of Chicago Tribune's Funniest Tweeter of the Year, his first award since his fifth grade bowling trophy. He's been featured on Ellen, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, theCHIVE, The Dad, Funny or Die and Myq Kaplan's Broccoli and Ice Cream podcast, episode 45.

Andrew Nadeau

Show Host

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Andrew Nadeau is an up-and-coming comedian living in Chicago. Known for his one-liners and dry sense of humor, Andrew is currently working as a writer for both The Dad and Netflix Family.

He was named the Funniest Person on Twitter 2018 by the Chicago Tribune, and his work has been featured by publications including Huffington Post, Funny or Die and College Humor. He is also a producer and one of the founding members of Spitfire Comedy.


Wenzler Powers

Show Host

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Wen Powers is a writer and comedian from Memphis, Tennessee. His work has been featured in The Onion, McSweeney’s, and College Humor. He is currently the head writer for The Second City Training Center’s web series The News* w/ Maggie Smith and can be seen wherever he’s lucky enough to be booked.